Friday, January 2, 2015

Blackwater security

Blackwater security

Blackwater Security is not like your ordinary security company . Blackwater provides more of a militarily security service, body guard protection , monitoring service . Blackwater also provides security training courses .

Courses currently ranges from $65-300 .

Providing security services in the following areas

Residential Communities
Housing Developments & Construction Sites
Corporations & Industrial Parks
Shopping Centers
Schools & Aftercare
Commercial Real Estate
Financial Institutions
Government Services
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Factories & Manufacturing

Offices located in Florida State

Blackwater guards or well trained officers , that can be used to prevent crimes, maintain a  safer environment for owners , employees and customers .

Securitas Security Services

Securitas Security
Securitas Security 

Securitas Security offers wide range of security needs in the US and worldwide . A competitive choice , advance technology to choose from to suit your business needs . Offers security service for Commercial Security Building ,  Community security, Education security  Gated Community Security , Retail security, monitoring, investigating, customized needs and  a lot more  .

Security companies core purpose is to give you , your employees and customer a feel of safety  and decrease losses for business owners. A safe and professional environment. Different industries different needs, Securitas Security Services values or build upon integrity, vigilance and helpfulness. Offices are located all across America  such as California , Florida, basically all over  .

Officers are well professionally dress and trained .
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